Decembeard was so last month.

Kick off the new year afresh with a clean shaven baby face. Let’s mark the 1st of January as a new you, new campaign, new follicles. Try something different, whatever your furry face can handle; bumfluff, facemuff, manscaped or beardy bush – the objectives are the same. Let your beard get some attention so when you are asked “Why are you growing a beard?” you can educate them on the cause.

Keep us posted on your progress via Twitter and Facebook by mentioning @BeardsforBowels and using the hashtag #Januhairy of your pictures and donation pages so we can follow and re-tweet you. We would really appreciated the same – you can follow our social media accounts here and there are several ways to donate here.

Got involved in #Decembeard but can’t partake in #Januhairy? Whip that beard off and post your pictures to @BeardsforBowels using the hashtag #Manuary so we can see who was underneath that face warmer ;)

Razors down. Man up.


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