Nominate @BeardsforBowels for a Shorty Award in #Charity

The 6th Annual Shorty Awards, honouring the best in social media, are now open… and we need your help!

Nominations are free and easy, simply send a tweet of ‘I nominate @BeardsforBowels for a Shorty Award in #charity because…’ then add your reason. Click here for a pre-filled tweet or use the form here, but please remember to add your own valid reason.

Need more characters? A short version can be used by tweeting#shortyawards @BeardsforBowels #charity [ADD REASON HERE]‘ by clicking here.

A live example of @Decembeard can be seen here.


Not only will you help us get short-listed for an award, but it will also help raise awareness of our yearly campaigns by some very well known social media gurus across the world.

Thank you for your help and support!

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