Raising Awareness of Bowel Cancer

Beards for Bowels started in January 2011 primarily to help raise awareness, however it was Chris Evans on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show who announced he would be growing a beard to help raise money during the month of December, branding it Decembeard.

There are many other fund raisers and charities who participate in ‘Decembeard’, in some countries we have found it does not always support the awareness of bowel cancer but other causes too.

Our aim has always been to help raise awareness and as ‘fund raisers’ who have full-time jobs and are in no way paid or funded for the website, social media accounts or iPhone app that we have released over the past two years – it hurts to find out that another charity called Beating Bowel Cancer are trying to claim it as their own.

Mark Flannagan, CEO of Beating Bowel Cancer states ‘For all the beardy news follow @decembeard2013 Accept no substitute. #decembeard’ and shortly after we found that the charity has applied for several trademarks of the word ‘Decembeard’ which could prevent other fund raisers and charities from using the well known phrase in the future.

It’s such as shame that a CEO of a charity has such money to trademark something that everyone should allowed to be involved in.

Mark Flannagan CEO

@MarkFlannCEO we’re all on the same team Mr Flannagan, supporting the same cause. #Decembeard

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